UPDATED Harman Burnpot for the 52i Pellet Insert, 1-00-574605-AMP


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  • Aftermarket Part
  • Fits Accentra 52i & Accentra 52i-TC
  • Extremely Durable
  • Does Not Include Igniter Bracket
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Updated Harman Burn pot (Replacement for part numbers: 1-00-574605 & 1-00-574400). This is the most current revision (2019) for the Accentra 52i & 52i-TC.

This part is backward-compatible with all versions of the Harman 52i Pellet Insert dating back to 2013.

Sold as a burnpot ONLY. There is an adjustable igniter cradle designed to be used with this burn pot, which is sold separately, 1-00-777907

The new igniter cradle solves compatibility issues with previous burnpot designs. The OEM version of this burnpot includes the cradle, you need to purchase the updated cradle for this replacement versio.

Problems with early Accentra52i burnpot designs include an overfiring condition that warps the flame guide and medallion and/or may burn a hotspot (gray etching) into the center of the door glass.

Harman Technical Updates to this Burnpot

Based on the changes that have been made, there are three specific periods of manufacture for the Accentra 52i, and depending on when the unit was built, the following recommendations apply:

  • Units built from the Launch of the Accentra52i [S/N 008254751] → 11/26/13 [S/N 008257173]: We recommend the combustion cover on all of these units is replaced with part, 1-10-574087A to prevent any issues with incorrect placement. We suggest that all combustion covers are proactively replaced on units manufactured in this time period to prevent any future issues. Additionally, if any ignition issues persist, we recommend replacing the burnpot with the new style P/N 1-00-574400 (part now obsolete, new part #,1-00-574605)


  • Units built from 11/26/13 [S/N 008257173] → 1/7/14 [S/N 008257557]: The likelihood of these units igniting properly is high, but in the unlikely circumstance that a unit manufactured in this period has long ignition issues, we recommend replacement of the burnpot with the new style burnpot, P/N 1-00-574400.(part now obsolete, replace with this part, 1-00-574605).


  • Units built from 1/7/14 [S/N 008257557] → 7/1/17: There should not be any issues with units built in this time period. - End of Accentra52i Production.


  • Accentra52i-TC Introduced 7/1/17 → Current: This model underwent a full redesign to incorporate the "Easy-Touch" control system which included a burnpot revision of part 1-00-574400(obsolete), the new part number introduced, 1-00-574605. This burn pot is reverse-compatible with all prior versions of the 52i as a retrofit kit. It features an improved air-flow design to work with the newer-style combustion motors and still comply with 2020 EPA certifications. The igniter cradle, #3 in Fig.1, part 1-00-777907 is now adjustable within the burnpot so the ignition can always seat flush, compensating for any variances that may have occurred in manufacturing or over firing during use. Both could lead to long or faulty ignitions.