Harman OEM Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor, 3-21-08639

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This exhaust blower motor is extremely durable and is used on most steel and cast iron Harman pellet stoves.  Some pellet stoves had an older version of this blower that looked much different. This motor design is updated as the replacement for all pellet-burning stoves. The blower motor comes with wire terminals and plugs directly into existing connections for all models.

This blower motor DOES NOT come with an impeller. Harman uses 3 different sized impellers to fine-tune how much air is moved through the stove. It is advisable to purchase an impeller when replacing this blower as the old impeller from your existing blower may not come off the shaft (seized) or it may be damaged in the process of removing the blower.

See below:

    • 5" double paddle blade impeller, part # 3-20-502221 is used on the P38,43,61A, 68, PB105,PF100, XXV, 44 MAG, advance,Acc52i, DVC500, HF60
    • 4 3/4" Single paddle blade impeller, part # 3-21-00661 is used on the Accentra Insert & P35i
    • 5" Single-Paddle blade Accentra FS, Invincible T, PC45, PF100, Pellet Pro II you need part # 3-20-40985

    Harman uses a threaded mounting post to secure most of their combustion motors which can become stripped. They are sold individually and each motor uses three (3) Part # 1-00-53483208

    Here are the nuts that thread on to the posts, Part # HDW600

    Replacement For Part Number :
    • 3-21-08639

    UPC #: 652174686957

    Compatible Models


    • Accentra 52i
    • Accentra Cast Free Standing
    • Accentra Insert
    • Advance
    • HF60
    • Invincible Insert
    • Invincible RS
    • P35i
    • P35i-C
    • P38
    • P38+
    • P43
    • P43-C
    • P61
    • P61-C
    • P61A
    • P68
    • P68-C
    • PB105
    • PC45
    • PF120
    • XXV

    Technical Specs

    Volts 120
    Cycles 60Hz
    Amps 1.75
    RPM 3000
    Wiring 3-Wire Pigtail with ¼" female spades
    Shaft Dia. 5/16"
    Shaft Length 1 13/16"



    Assembly Instructions For Harman OEM Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor, 3-21-08639

    This combustion blower is used on all Harman pellet stoves so the specific instructions are going to vary by model, which are too many to explain in written detail, but here is a basic overview of what you will need to do:

    1. Always disconnect the power to the stove before attempting any service
    2. Except for the Invincible Series Inserts, Harman does not use a combustion blower housing for any of their pellet stoves. Instead, the motor is mounted either directly to the back of the stove, or they will have the motor mounted on a removable steel plate or hub or their own design. For motors mounted on the stove body, you will need to open the firebox, remove the combustion motor cover, remove the impeller from the motor shaft and then you can remove the motor from the back of the stove.
    3. In a perfect scenario, everything comes apart easily, however; the impeller can become seized on the motor shaft if it has never been removed, in which case the shaft of the motor must be cut. This will require a new impeller to be mounted on the new motor so you will want to have one of those on hand. See the description for this b lower to figure out which impeller you need, there are three (3) types to choose from, depending on your stove model. If you need to cut the shaft, a hand-held hacksaw blade is the best tool. It needs to be long and narrow because it need to fit between the motors cooling fan and the stove wall from behind the stove. You will also need to jam a screwdriver or something between the impeller and stove wall in the fire box to keep the shaft from spinning as you cut through the shaft. This same process may need to be done for stoves that use a removable hub but it will be easier because the whole assembly can be removed from the stove when cutting.
    4. All of these motors are secured to the stove using threaded studs which pass through the firebox or the hub and are wedged in place. If the stud is spinning when you are trying to remove the nut, the stud must also be cut in the same way as the shaft. This is not as common but it can happen. Links to these studs and replacement nuts are also in the description.
    5. Once everything is removed you will install your new studs is needed, install the motor to the stove or hub, install your existing or new impeller and then reconnect all of the wiring.


    Solving Combustion Blower Issues

    • If your stove is an insert and the venting was not cleaned properly while the stove was pulled out, there’s a good chance that ash fell down and is blocking the combustion blower from spinning.
    • If your stove has a combustion motor cover inside the stove, make sure it was put back and secure.
    • If your combustion blower is removable (Accentra Insert and XXV), make sure the blower is properly secured and tight-fitting. It is possible on these two stoves improperly install the blower.
    • If service was performed on the combustion blower itself, make sure the impeller blades aren’t rubbing against the cover or the cooling fan blades aren’t rubbing on their cover or a pellet isn’t obstructing the cooling fan from turning.
    • If wires were disconnected, make sure the combustion blower is plugged into the correct wires.
    • If the combustion blower is NOT turning and everything is wired correctly and nothing is obstructing it from turning… AND the Combustion Blower lights are illuminated on the control board, a new combustion blower will need to be installed.


    Unfortunately, sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Items must be used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines to qualify for warranty replacement. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews

    The replacement blower motor came when promised and is an exact replacement at a fair price.


    Working fine

    Harman Combustion Motor

    Part fit with no problem and quality of the parts is just as good as the factory.. Works like new again!!!!

    Harman Combustion Blower

    I bought the name brand because the original lasted so long. Easy to install and working great.

    combustion blower

    great way to order parts for my stove


    Ask a Question
    • I have a Harmon invincible insert, i need to replace my combustion blower motor. Having a hard time crossing over the old Jakel part #

      The manual for the Harman Invincible Insert states that you will need replacement combustions blower 3-21-00945

    • I have a Accentra Insert last winter it started making a skreaching noise and then stopped blowing hot air other wise worked fine. I was wondering if you could tell me what is wrong with it.

      I believe the screeching noise you heard would have been from your distribution blower starting to fail. You can find the replacement blower #3-21-47120 here at this link.

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