All Stove Catalytic Cumbustors

Catalytic combusters can increase your burn times, reduce emissions, and help you save money on heating fuel! Catalytic combusters will need to be periodically replaced, however. Stove Parts for Less has a wide variety of replacement catalysts so that you can enjoy getting maximum efficiency from your wood stove.

What are the Benefits of a Catalytic Wood Stove?

Catalysts trap combustion gasses and then facilitates a chemical reaction that allows them to burn at lower temperatures, which increases the amount of heat you can get from your fuel.

When using a catalytic wood stove, you can enjoy longer burn times, decreased fuel consumption, and reduced emissions. Catalytic combustors are good for the environment and your wallet!

Catalytic combustors should be replaced after roughly 10,000 hours of use, however they may require replacing sooner than that if you notice that they are warped or cracked. Improper usage or over firing can cause damage to your catalytic combustors.

If you need to replacement the catalytic combustor in your wood stove, Stove Parts for Less has a wide selection at competitive prices! We also offer free and fast shipping on most orders over $199!