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All Heat N Glo Gas Stove & Fireplace Replacement Parts & Accessories All Heat N Glo Gas Stove & Fireplace Replacement Parts & Accessories

Heat and Glo Gas Fireplace Features Maintenance

Pellet Stove Parts For Less is pleased to carry a wide variety of Heat and Glo fireplace replacement parts. Whether you’re a handy DIYer or a professional stove technician, when you buy from our online store you can expect quality replacement parts shipped to your doorstep in just a few days

About Heat And Glo Gas Stoves

Heat Glo is a company that had humble beginnings. Founded by brothers Ron and Dan Shimek, the pair began building fireplaces in a garage. However, with constant innovation and improvements, Heat Glo took the heating industry by storm in 1987 with the introduction of a direct vent gas-powered fireplace. Previously, the market was dominated by wood-fueled fireplaces. Today, Heat Glo continues to be one of the leaders in the hearth market and offers a wide range of products including wood, electric and gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves including a complete line of surrounds and accessories. Types of Heat Glo Parts We Sell

Heat Glo Technology

These Heat Glo parts and technology help keep your home comfortable and warm.

  • IntelliFire™ Ignition System. By using an intermittent pilot flame that is only on when you need it, you can save up to $10 on your monthly bills. This technology also has safety features including a child safety lock and enables you to program settings to your liking.
  • PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology. This exclusive Heat Glo fireplace parts technology helps you redirect heat wherever you want it — within your home or to the exterior. Have the power to control heating direction with a simple flip of a switch while ensuring your fireplace’s outer glass door temperature remains at a safe level.
  • Vent-free installation on models such as the Twilight Modern, which is the industry’s first indoor/outdoor gas fireplace, allowing stunning views of your fireplace whether sitting inside or out.
  • Direct Vent Technology, which removes 100% of combustion exhaust and fumes from your home. These fireplaces protect air quality while providing energy efficient heat.
  • All Heat and Glo log sets are hand painted, and you have the option of a standard or high definition log set.
  • Electric ember beds are featured in many models, such as the Escape Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace. This adds an extra level of ambiance that you can enjoy with or without the fire.
  • FireBrick. Using specially formulated ceramic logs that look like the real thing, FireBrick technology creates up to 25 percent more radiant heat than your average firebox, saving you on fuel costs while providing a comfortable environment. Direct Vent. This popular system allows you to install a gas appliance in almost any room in your house. The sealed system safely removes all exhaust produced from the fire to improve the quality of your indoor air.

Heating Considerations

Whether you decide to go with a gas appliance or a wood or pellet option, there are several heating considerations within your home that you should be aware of:

  • Type of home construction. If you have a home older than 20 years, you may experience greater heat loss. Newer homes with upgraded building codes have improved heat retention.
  • Design and layout. Depending on your home’s air movement and layout (open vs. more closed), air and warmth will travel differently.
  • Outdoor climate. Factors such as wind direction, sun exposure, and overall climate affect your home’s heat retention.

Heat and Glo Fireplaces, like all gas fireplace units, will require annual maintenance. In order to keep your gas fireplace running properly you will need to check the igniters, vents, glass, valves and blowers. Stove Parts for Less carries authentic Heat and Glo replacement parts to keep your fireplace running safely and efficiently.