Vista Flame VF170 Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

Vista Flame VF170 Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

Gaskets are used on pellet stove to create an air-tight seal between parts or materials that flex at different and unequal rates during the heating and cooling process. For example; steel absorbs heat very quickly and it will expand as it gets hotter; glass absorbs heat slowly and does not expand very much. Gaskets are used between these materials to create a seal between your door and door glass. Gaskets on your pellet stove should be replaced every couple of years to every year, but it really depends on how much you use your pellet stove.

Replacement Parts for VF170 Vista Flame Pellet Stoves

Vista Flame's VF170 is a large capacity pellet stove. With a 120lb hopper and a 70,000 BTU output, this pellet stove is adequately sized to operate as a primary heating source for many medium to large homes. The VF170 pellet stove has been discontinued by Vista Flame, however Stove Parts for Less carries original and aftermarket replacement parts so that you can continue to maintain and repair your pellet stove.

Thanks to its dual chamber ash pan, you will not have to clean behind the fire panels of the VF170. However, it is still extremely important to regularly clean and maintain your pellet stove. Clearing out ash, replacing worn gaskets, and checking for warped or malfunctioning parts is a key component of protecting your investment and ensuring that you get the longest life possible from your Vista Flame pellet stove. Whether you need new gaskets, blower motors, switches, or cleaning supplies, Stove Parts for Less has everything you need to service your pellet stove.