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Blaze King Wood Stove Bypass Damper Handle (Satin Nickel & Black): S.Z2452.S.B

SKU S.Z2452.S.B
MPN S.Z2452.S.B
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Blaze King Wood Stove Bypass Damper Handle (Satin Nickel & Black).  Your catalytic wood burning appliance has a bypass device to allow the smoke from the fire to temporarily bypass, or go around, the catalytic combustor.  The bypass door is located inside the firebox at the top of the stove.  The bypass is a steel plate door, hinged inside the stove, and is controlled by the bypass handle.  

Replacement For Part Number:
  • S.Z2452.S.B

Compatible Models

    Blaze King

  • Ashford 20.1
  • Ashford AF20.2
  • Ashford AF25
  • Ashford AF30
  • Ashford AF30.1
  • Ashford AF30.2
  • Chinook 20
  • Chinook 20.1
  • Chinook 30
  • Chinook 20.2
  • Chinook CK24C
  • Chinook CK24F
  • Chinook CK30.1
  • Chinook CK30.2
  • Chinook CK30C
  • Chinook CK30F
  • Sirocco 20.1
  • Sirocco SC20.2
  • Sirocco SC25
  • Sirocco SC30
  • Sirocco SC30.1
  • Sirocco SC30.2


Assembly Instructions For Blaze King Wood Stove Bypass Damper Handle (Satin Nickel & Black): S.Z2452.S.B

Install Instructions:

1.) Locate the bypass handle.

2.) On some units, the handle will be secured by a set screw that will need to be removed. On others, the handle will be threaded onto the by-pass rod (If threaded, you will have to rotate the handle in a counterclockwise motion to unthread before removing it. Pay attention to the orientation of the handle prior to removing it).

3.) Install the new handle by threading it onto the bypass rod. If your handle has a set screw: position the handle and tighten the set screw (Make sure the handle is set in the correct orientation to allow for proper operation).

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