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Blaze King Wood Door Handle ASM (SC25 & AF25): S.Z2044

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Blaze King Door Handle (ASM SC25 W/Wood).  The hook on the door handle grabs the latch on the unit allowing the door to seal tightly against the body of the stove.  If the door is not sealing tightly this can cause a decrease in efficiency, inability to control the burn rate and may allow smoke/flue gasses to enter the room.   


Replacement For Part Number:

  • S.Z2044

Compatible Models

    Blaze King

  • Ashford 25 (v2)
  • Ashford 25 (v1)
  • Sirocco 25

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Install Instructions For Blaze King Wood Door Handle ASM (SC25 & AF25): S.Z2044


In most situations the door handle rides on a pin or bolt and is locked in place by a set screw. Normally the set screw or bolt is loosened freeing the door handle pin allowing it to be removed.