Harman Feeder Air Crossover Tube Kit, 1-00-67900

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Feeder air crossover tube kit for Harman pellet stove and inserts.

Kit Includes:

  • 8-1/2" of 9mm silicone tube
  • Two (2) 3/8" brass sleeves, and instructions.

Change Made:
Effective 4/6/09 we began incorporating a crossover tube into the feeders on all models.

This silicone tube measures 9mm inside diameter and slides onto a brass sleeve at each end in the configuration shown above.

Use this kit as a replacement for any current stove requiring the bypass to be repaired.

Why this Bypass was added to Stoves in 2009
In a very small percentage of installations, a sticky creosote residue has formed in the rear of the feeder. There is also a possibility of a flow reversal of the flue gases. The tube forces any pre-combustion air within the feeder body to be drawn through the auger shaft and directed into the firebox, eliminating any creosote from the feed system.

In some models prior to 2009, a small hole in the rear of the auger tube was introduced to correct this problem but it has become blocked with pellet fines in a few cases, reducing the effectiveness.

This new design is a far more robust method to ensure uninterrupted airflow. This is a running change in production and not a required change unless you are getting creosote developing within the feeder body which effectively jams the feed system.

Pre 2009 Units without the Bypass

  • Accentra Insert pre serial 008243361
  • Accentra FS pre serial 008402177
  • Advance pre serial 008361944
  • HydroFlex60 Pellet Boiler pre serial 008490075
  • HydroFlex60 Pellet Boiler also pre serial 004490401
  • P38+ pre serial 008082483
  • P43 pre serial 008082483
  • P61/ P61A pre serial 008087133
  • P68 pre serial 008283698
  • PB105 Pellet Boiler pre serial 008341117
  • PC45 Multi-Fuel Stove pre serial 008055499
  • PF100 Pellet Furnace pre serial 008350314
  • PF100 Pellet Furnace also pre serial 004351584
  • XXV pre serial 008202622

Replacement For Part Number:
  • 1-00-67900

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UPC: 652174587520

Compatible Models


  • Absolute 43
  • Absolute 43-C
  • Absolute 63
  • Accentra 52i
  • Accentra 52i TC
  • Accentra Cast Free Standing
  • Accentra Insert
  • Advance
  • Allure 50
  • Allure 50-CE
  • HF60
  • Invincible Insert
  • Invincible RS
  • Invincible T
  • P35i
  • P35i-C
  • P38 (Post: 008080066)
  • P38+
  • P43
  • P43-C
  • P61 (Post: 008085055)
  • P61-C (Post: 008085803)
  • P61A (Post: 008085803)
  • P68 (Post: 008280309)
  • P68-C
  • PB105
  • PC45
  • Pellet Pro II
  • Furnace & Boiler Systems
  • PF100 (Post: 004350582 or 008350087)
  • PF120
  • XXV (Post: 12871)
  • XXV TC

Technical Specs

Hose diameter ⅜"
Hose length 12"




Installing this bypass will alleviate the problem of creosote building within the feeder but will not remove any existing creosote that has developed prior to installation. If you are going to install this tube and have creosote in the feeder already, that creosote needs to be removed. Burning the creosote out with a torch can be done while the unit is running by keeping the stove attached to the venting and;

  • removing the feed system components, emptying the hopper of pellets, jumping the pressure switch to (NC) position and powering the combustion blower with direct 120v power
  • with the torch on, let the combustion air draw the flame of the torch down from the hopper into the drop section of the feeder, if there is any fines and creosote in this area they will burn and the gases will be expeller out the flue. Do this until there is not more smoke.
  • move down to the rear of the stove and burn out any left-over creosote from where the auger is mounted as well as from inside the fines collection box
  • the auger and the feed plate can also be cleaned of with the torch but I've found that it's sometimes best to replace the plate, auger, motor and pusher arm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
West V.R.
Must add to older harman accented FS, do it NOW,

Game changer of a mod/addition!! The hard/creosote buildup in the burnpot and flame guide are gone. Gummy residue near auger and back of burnpot are gone. Black buildup around outside of burn pot on sides… gone. Smoke in hopper gone. Stove seems to burn hotter/better. Was easy to install, directions were very clear/legible.

only complaints
hose could be 1/2” or so to fit better at brass stubs Installed per directions and dimensions my hose kinda wanted to lift off of stubs, i remedied with high temp silicone.

stove does seem to take longer to startup. my stove always started on 1st cycle now it starts on the beginning of 2nd. resulting in overfeeding and excess smoke.

happy with mod, would for sure purchase/install it again and would recommend it to be added to any stove needing it asap.

happy customer


Harman Feeder Air Crossover Tube Kit, 1-00-67900


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  • Does this item come with drilling instructions? Where to drill exactly i have a Harman Advance2 (2004) serial #9428 and i assume this will adapted to my stove? Thx Cliff

    Yes, there are instructions in the kit.

  • What does this cross over kit do? I have smoke in my hopper and a residue of it in my basement where it's located.

    Harman stoves and the Eco-choice boiler use the bypass hose to capture preignition smoke from the feeder body and deliver it to the air intake to be burnt up in the firebox. All post-2008 equipment comes with this crossover built in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
West V.R.
Must add to older harman accented FS, do it NOW,

Game changer of a mod/addition!! The hard/creosote buildup in the burnpot and flame guide are gone. Gummy residue near auger and back of burnpot are gone. Black buildup around outside of burn pot on sides… gone.