Harman Feed Auger Shaft Assembly, 3-50-00565

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This is the auger shaft assembly that moves the pellets from the hopper to the burnpot. We get a lot of people ordering the wrong shaft so please read this entire description or print off a copy of the PDF links at the bottom to compare against your stove's serial number to be sure you are getting the correct part.

Your owner's manual can be confusing because the older part numbers AND the updated part numbers are listed in the most current manuals. Some models had more than one change so there may be up to three (3) different auger shaft assembly part numbers for some models.

New stove and insert models introduced after 2009 all use the 3-50-00565 auger shaft assembly. Models are: 

  • Accentra52i
  • Accentra52i-TC
  • Absolute43
  • Absolute43-C
  • P35i
  • P35i-C
  • P43
  • P43-C
  • Allure50
  • Absolute63
  • P61-C
  • Accentra-Cast-C
  • P68-C

Models that existed prior to 2009 phased over to this shaft assembly according to the following serial numbers:

Indirect UL Feeder Body Change: Indirect UL Tech Bulletin Dec. 12, 2008 - PDF

  • Accentra-Cast Freestanding - Beginning serial number: 008400001
  • Advance - Beginning serial number: 0083600001
  • XXV - Serial numbers: 12871 thru 12939 and beginning 008200001

Direct UL Feeder Body Change: Direct UL Tech Bulletin Dec. 22, 2008 - PDF

  • Accentra Insert - beginning serial number: 008240096
  • P38 - beginning serial number: 008080620
  • P61/P61A - beginning serial number: 008085092
  • P68 - beginning serial number: 008280309
  • PF100 Furnace - beginning serial number: 008350087

If you have the Advance, Accentra-Cast Freestanding (sometimes referred to as the Accentra 2), or an XXV that precedes the serial numbers above, you are going to have the older style indirect feed system (chain snd sprockets). The auger shaft assembly for your stove was originally part # 3-50-00365. This part number is now obsolete. The new part number is 3-50-00465

If you have the P38, P61, P61A, P68, or the PF100 Pellet Furnace with a serial number that precedes the list above, you are going to have the older style large feeder body system, and the correct auger shaft assembly will be 3-50-00465

Whenever an auger assembly is replaced, the auger feed motor should also be replaced. Replace these two parts as pairs. Here is a list of all of the different motors that are paired with the 3-50-00565 auger shaft assembly:

Replacement For Part Number:
  • 3-50-00565

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Compatible Models


  • Absolute 43
  • Absolute 43-C
  • Absolute 63
  • Accentra 52i
  • Accentra 52i TC
  • Accentra Cast Free Standing
  • Accentra Insert
  • Advance
  • Allure 50
  • Allure 50-CE
  • HF60
  • Invincible Insert
  • Invincible RS
  • Invincible T
  • Magnum (44 Mag)
  • P35i
  • P35i-C
  • P38 (Post: 008080066)
  • P38+
  • P43
  • P43-C
  • P61 (Post: 008085055)
  • P61-C (Post: 008085803)
  • P61A (Post: 008085803)
  • P68 (Post: 008280309)
  • P68-C
  • PB105
  • PC45
  • Pellet Pro II
  • Furnace & Boiler Systems