Napoleon Gas Stove Parts

Napoleon Gas Stove Parts

Baffle boards serve to increase the efficiency of your stove and protect the top of your stove from excess heat, which can cause warping. Baffle blankets sit on top of the baffle board to provide additional heat protection. The baffle is an important part of your stove, redirecting heat downward to achieve more efficient burns, and also keeps smoke from pouring out of the front of the stove when you open the doors. Baffles are subjected to incredibly high temperatures, and so they will need to be periodically replaced. Stove Parts for Less carries baffle board and blankets for a variety of stove models!

Napoleon Gas Stove, Inserts, and Fireplaces

Napoleon offers gas stoves, inserts, and fireplaces to meet your home heating needs and blend seamlessly with your decor. With a variety of faces, log sets, liners, and other customization options, you are sure to find the right gas stove or fireplace for your home.

Benefits of Gas Stoves and Fireplaces

Although gas stoves use traditional heating fuels, they can still help you save on the cost of heating your home. Fireplace inserts and gas stoves use subnationally less fuel than your home's furnace, and so they are able to deliver heat much more efficiently to the rooms where you want it most. This is known as "zone-heating", and it just means that instead of raising the temperature of your entire home, you use your gas stove or fireplace to warm the rooms you use most. Whether you are adding a gas stove, or installing an insert to increase the efficiency of your open-heart fireplace, Napoleon's gas stove and fireplace line will add ambiance and warmth to your home without the hassle of wood or pellet heat.

Replacement Parts for Napoleon Gas Stoves, Inserts, and Fireplaces

All gas stoves and fireplaces will require occasional maintenance, and Stove Parts for Less carries many authentic Napoleon replacement parts, as well as high-quality aftermarket parts for your Napoleon gas stove. We stand behind the quality of all of the parts we sell, offering warranties and a hassle-free 30-day return policy. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your replacement part purchase, so please contact us if you need any help finding the right part for your Napoleon gas stove or fireplace!