Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon AE & Edge 60 Feed DC Auger Feed Motor, SRV7000-313

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This part is the auger feed motor for the Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon Ae pellet stove, Mt Vernon AE Insert, and the AE Edge60 built-in fireplace. All of the Advanced Energy (AE) models in this product line use a variable RPM 12v DC feed motor.

NOTE: The installer MUST verify that the auger spring depth is set to 13" from the motor mount prior to installation. Adjustments may be necessary. Instructions are included. Download Auger Spring Bearing Adjustment Instructions PDF

Do you want a full assembly? A full assembly includes all of the feed system parts and is much easier to install, check out part SRV7034-004

Parts in a full assembly:

  • Feed Spring Assembly 14.5" - SRV7001-046 - Must be adjusted by installer to a depth of 13"
  • Feed Motor Bracket - SRV7034-143, Replaces older style 7043-143 bracket for 410-0552 bearing.
  • Nylon Bearing - SRV7000-598
  • Feed Motor Gasket - SRV7034-144
  • Optical Switch Assembly - SRV7034-038
  • DC Feed Motor - SRV7000-313
  • 7/8" Collar - 229-0520
  • Phillips Screws - (QTY 4) 8-32 X 3/8, 225-0500

Replacement For Part Number:
  • SRV7000-313

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UPC #: 652174513338

Compatible Models


  • Edge 60
  • Mt Vernon AE Insert
  • Mt Vernon AE

Technical Specs

RPM Variable RPM (voltage controlled)
Direction Normally CW
Amps 1
Volts 12v DC
Connector 4-PIN Molex (part SRV7034-191)


Assembly Instructions For Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon AE & Edge 60 Feed DC Auger Feed Motor, SRV7000-313

The feed system is accessed on the right side of the unit. There are two hooks the assembly hangs from at the top and there is a single phillips screw that holds the assembly in place located at the bottom of the motor mount. Hint: Take a picture of your old feed assembly from a few different angles so you know how to put it all back together.

  1. Remove the feed system and unplug the optical sensor and the power jack to the motor
  2. Loosen the collar and the spring set screw
  3. Remove the auger spring and collar from motor
  4. Remove the four screws securing the motor and switch to the bracket
  5. Install new motor with the optical switch in the correct position
  6. Reinstall the spring with bearing and collar
  7. Set collar to the proper height to get 13" of depth below the motor
  8. Tighten the collar and motor set screws
  9. Slip the gasket up the auger spring and position it under the bracket
  10. Hang the assembly from the two upper nub hooks and hold with you hand in place while you screw in the bottom mounting screw


Download the Complete Mt Vernon AE Troubleshooting Guide - 2010 .PDF

The feed motor is powered by 12v DC current. After the stove or insert has started (out of "SS" mode), the feed motor runs constantly. Readings will be between 3v-12v depending upon the fuel table and the demand cycle for heat.

If the feed system was recently removed or a new one was installed prior to feeding problems

  1. Make sure the feed system is mounted correctly.
  2. The top of the motor bracket must be hanging on both of two upper hooks.
  3. The bottom of the feed system needs to be secured with the phillips screw.
  4. The gasket for the feed system must be under the motor mount and between the top of the feed tube.
  5. The depth of the auger spring must be set to a depth of 13" from the bottom of the motor mount when secured to the feed motor.

If you keep getting random error codes for 'AUGER JAMMED' but ONLY after the unit has started and achieved fire.

  1. Check the auger spring set screw is tight. If it is not loose, replace the optical sensor, SRV7034-038.
  2. If your feed auger spring is bent, replace it, part SRV7001-046


  1. Confirm that your fuel setting is correct for the fuel you are using.
  2. Check the auger spring set screw, make sure it is tight.
  3. Check the collar set screw, make sure it is tight. If it is loose, verify that there is 13" of depth from the motor mount to the end of the spring and then tighten the set screw.
  4. If both of these set screws are tight and there is 13" of depth, remove the feed system from the feed tube, seal the top of the feed tube with a rag and run start-up with the feed system removed.
  5. With the feed system removed try to run the unit so that you can watch the rotation of the feed spring. It should be rotating CW with the spring pointed away from you. If the motor is rotating CCW or starts CW then switches to CCW, with the feed system pulled from the stove, replace the optical sensor, part SRV7034-038.
  6. Remove the vacuum hose from the drop tube and make sure there is no obstruction. If there is anything blocking, or partially blocking the inlet, clear it with some wire from a paper clip.
  7. Verify that you are getting at least 3v of power to the motor across the black and white wires in the harness, if you are, replace the feed motor, SRV7000-313.

Other Items to check when the unit is not feeding:

  1. Check the Door & Hopper sensors 7000-375: *Make sure the door & hopper lid is closed and the icons on the wall control are not displayed.
  2. Check over heat snap disc 230-1290: *This is located on the pellet drop chute. Is it tripped? Reset if needed. This will kill power to the feed system.
  3. Check the vacuum switch SRV7000-531: *Check for an error code or test the vacuum switch.
  4. Replace the optical sensor, SRV7034-038: *Replace this part if all previous checks are good.
  5. Replace the feed motor SRV7000-313: *Replace this part if all previous checks are good.
  6. Check the 10-pin harness for a loose pin or broken wire: *Replace the harness if broken. (SRV7034-191)


Unfortunately, sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Items must be used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines to qualify for warranty replacement. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James S.
Auger Feed Motor

Existing motor had gotten tired. Probably the gearbox. New item resolved the issue. Quick shipping.

Monica M.

Working fine


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  • How many revolutions per minute

    This is a synchronous motor. the RPM is variable depending upon the voltage sent to the motor. All Mt. Vernon AE motors are 12v DC whereas most other motors in pellet stoves are 110v AC and have a constant RPM

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James S.
Auger Feed Motor

Existing motor had gotten tired. Probably the gearbox. New item resolved the issue. Quick shipping.

Monica M.

Working fine