Harman Feed Auger Shaft Assembly, 3-50-00465

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This is the auger shaft assembly that moves the pellets from the hopper to the burnpot. We get a lot of people ordering the wrong shaft so please read this entire description or print off a copy of the PDF links at the bottom to compare against your stove's serial number to be sure you are getting the correct part.

Your owner's manual can be confusing because the older part numbers AND the updated part numbers are each listed in the most current manuals. 

New stove and insert models introduced after 2009 all use the 3-50-00565 auger shaft assembly. Part 3-50-00465 is used in the following stoves and inserts:

  • Accentra Insert - Pre serial number: 008240096
  • P38 - Pre serial number: 008080620
  • P61/P61A -Pre serial number: 008085092
  • P68 - Pre serial number: 008280309
  • PF100 - Pre serial number: 008350087


Some stove and inserts models were never updated to the UL feeder body because they were obsolete by 2009. Other models were discontinued at that time. These models all use the 3-50-00465 auger shaft assembly, they include:

  • P61 uses 3-50-00465 (no automatic ignition) became the P61A which used both assemblies, see serial pre/post serial for P61A
  • Invincible T, Invincible RS, Invincible Insert, Pellet Pro II all use 3-50-00465
  • PC45 Multi-fuel Pellet/Corn stove uses 3-50-00465

Stove and insert models listed above with serial numbers proceeding this list will all use auger shaft assembly 3-50-00565. Direct UL Tech Bulletin Dec. 22, 2008 - PDF

Auger shaft assembly, part # 3-50-00465 is also used for ALL indirect, 'chain driven' feed systems for the XXV, Accentra-Cast (also called Accentra 2 in some manuals)and, the Advance.

  • The original part # for all indirect feed systems (chain and sprocket) was part # 3-50-00365. This part # was updated in 2009 to part # 3-50-00465 to reflect the change to the re-designed direct drive UL feeder bodies.
  • XXV, Accentra-Cast, and Advance units with the direct drive auger motor (no chain) all use the auger shaft assembly, part # 3-50-00565.

Whenever an auger assembly is replaced, the auger feed motor should also be replaced. Replace these two parts as pairs. Here is a list of all of the different motors that are paired with the 3-50-00465 auger shaft assembly:

  • Accentra-Cast Freestanding - pre serial number: 008400001 | Auger Motor: 3-20-08752
  • Advance - pre serial number: 0083600001 | Auger Motor: 3-20-08752
  • XXV - pre serial number: 12871 | Auger Motor: 3-20-08752
  • Accentra Insert - pre serial number: 008240096 | Auger Motor: 3-20-60906
  • P38 - pre serial number: 008080620 | Auger Motor: 3-20-60906
  • P61/P61A - pre serial number: 008085092 | Auger Motor: 3-20-60906
  • P68 - pre serial number: 008280309 | Auger Motor: 3-20-60906, (P68 models beginning serial 008280309, see part# 3-50-00565 for correct auger motor)
  • PF100 Furnace - pre serial number: 008350087 | Auger Motor: 3-20-60906 (PF100 models beginning serial 008350087, see part# 3-50-00565 for correct auger motor)

All of the following pellet stoves and inserts were introduced AFTER 2009 and will use shaft assembly 3-50-00565.

  • Accentra52i
  • Accentra52i-TC
  • Absolute43
  • Absolute43-C
  • P35i
  • P35i-C
  • P43
  • P43-C
  • Allure50
  • Absolute63
  • P61-C
  • Accentra-Cast-C
  • P68-C

Replacement For Part Number:
  • 3-50-00465

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Compatible Models


  • Accentra Cast Free Standing
  • Accentra Insert
  • Advance
  • Invincible Insert
  • Invincible RS
  • Invincible T
  • Magnum (44 Mag)
  • P38 (Pre: 008080066)
  • P38+
  • P61 (Pre: 008085055)
  • P61A (Pre: 008085092)
  • P68 (Pre: 008280309)
  • PC45
  • Pellet Pro II
  • Furnace & Boiler Systems
  • PF100 (Pre: 004350582 or 008350087)
  • XXV (Pre: 12871)

Technical Specs

Receiving Shaft OD 5/16"


Assembly Instructions For Harman Feed Auger Shaft Assembly, 3-50-00465

To replace the feed auger shaft:

  1. Unplug your stove
  2. If there are pellets in the hopper
  3. Gain access to the rear of the stove
  4. If your stove has a chain driven feed system, the chain will need to be removed by loosening the white tensioner block from under the chain to create slack and removing the left-side sprocket from the feed motor by loosening the 1/8" allan key screw in the hub of the drive sprocket
  5. If you have direct drive (motor attached directly to the auger shaft), locate the 7/16" motor set screw on the roller cam assembly and loosen it. Disconnect the wires from the motor to the wiring harness and pull on the auger motor. The motor will uninstall with the mounting frame attached to the motor, set this aside.
  6. Open the the fines collection box access door and remove
  7. Lift on the feed plate pusher arm to extend the feed plate out of the feeder body weldment. Remove the feed plate. Sometimes the crossover hose may restrict the full motion of the pusher arm. If so, gently push the hose out of the way so that the pusher arm can be rotated up and fully to the left
  8. Locate the two 1/2" hex screws on the mounting ring that hold the auger shaft in to the feeder weldment. remove these two screws, then remove the mounting ring. Note: different models have different way in which these mounting screws fasten to the weldment. If nuts or threaded couplers are used, locate them and set them, aside, they will be needed to secure the mounting ring again.
  9. Pull the auger shaft from the feeder body. If the auger shaft is difficult to pull out, the shaft can be freed by striking the auger itself with a wooden dowel from inside the the firebox. This will break the seal and allow the auger to come out.
  10. Install your auger shaft. Secure the mounting ring back into the stove and tighten the two hex screws to a uniformed torque (equal tightness)
  11. Reinstall the feed plate and drop the pusher arm down
  12. Reinstall the cam set screw assembly on the auger shaft, with secondary sprocket attached if your stove has a chain drive assembly
  13. Reinstall the auger motor or sprocket assembly and connect to the auger shaft with the 7/16" set screw
  14. Reinstall the drive sprocket and chain if you have a chain drive system and adjust the chain tensioner


Why would you need to replace your auger shaft? Typically, this is not a part that is replaced and it should last the life of your stove. That said, there are a few scenarios where the shaft will require replacement.

  • Flighting on shaft is broken at the front weld or tip
  • Auger is worn down
  • Feed system had a jam that damaged the auger
  • Feeder body is being replaced

Some stove models that used the '00675' burn pots made in 2006-2008 may have a "5-hole" burnpot. Harman made a change to the burnpot design in these two stove models. This change caused some problems that were not evident for many years later. The faulty burn pots will have 5 holes at the base of the slope, directly in front of the opening for the feed tube in front of the auger. These holes allowed the fire to burn too low and too hot in the burn pot resulting in the auger shaft actually melting away at the tip.


Unfortunately, sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Items must be used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines to qualify for warranty replacement. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Russell W.

Harman Feed Auger Shaft Assembly, 3-50-00465


it fit perfectly and the stove is up and running again.

It came like they said it would

I was very pleased both with the online experience, and the prompt shipping of the part that I ordered. This is a company that really values customer service...


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Russell W.

Harman Feed Auger Shaft Assembly, 3-50-00465


it fit perfectly and the stove is up and running again.

It came like they said it would

I was very pleased both with the online experience, and the prompt shipping of the part that I ordered. This is a company that really values customer service...