USSC 3000 - Plate Steel Wood Stove Parts

The 3000 Plate Steel Wood stove is the largest plate steel stoved offered by the US Stove company. This powerhouse stove is capable of heating up to 3,000 sq. ft, while the included 100 CFM blower help circulate even heat throughout your home. The large firebox accepts logs up to 21", so you can enjoy longer burn times and more flexible choices when sourcing firewood. Stove Parts for Less offers a full line of replacement parts to keep your 3000 Plate Steel Wood stove running at top efficiency.

About the USSC 3000 Plate Steel Wood Stove

One of the benefits of the USSC 3000 is its plate steel construction. Plate steel does not have the same aesthetic flourishes as cast iron, however it has the same heating capacity and a much greater durability. Where cast iron stove will need to be rebuilt every few years, plate steel stoves can run for many years without needing substantial repairs, and any smaller repairs are inexpensive to weld. 

The USSC 3000 is EPA certified, which ensures that it burns clean and efficiently. Beware of some wood stove companies that don't have their stoves EPA certified due to a loophole in the law that allows certain non-airtight stoves exemption from certification. These stoves are extremely inefficient. The USSC 3000, however, will keep your home warm at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating fuels, while using less firewood due to it's high efficiency. 

While USSC builds their wood stoves with the capability of heating for many winter seasons without needing substantial repair, they will periodically need to have gaskets, cracked glass, or broken firebricks replaced. Stove Parts for Less offers competitively priced replacement parts for the USSC 3000 so that you can keep you can keep enjoying the savings and comfort from your wood stove!