USSC Jensen 24 Series - Wood/Coal Furnace Parts

The Jensen 24 Wood Coal Furnace features many of the same parts as the Ashley 24, including a cast iron shaker grate that allows it to burn either wood or coal. Stove Parts for Less carries the parts you need to keep your Jensen 24 running at maximum efficiency. Our hassle-free 30 day return policy will help you ensure that you get the correct part for your furnace.

About the Jensen 24 Series 

When properly used, your Jensen 24 can achieve 6 to 8 hours of burn time when using dried hardwood. Coal will be able to burn much longer. If you find that you furnace is firing with full flame constantly and burning for less than 3 hours, you are overfiring your furnace. This is dangerous and can lean to warped grates and other issues, so it is important to prevent overfiring by following the proper operating procedures. 

You can extend the life of your furnace by following these precautions: 


Make sure the ash door and feed door are properly closed Allowing the ash for feed doors to remain open can allow too much air into the furnace and cause it to burn too quickly.


Regularly empty the ash pan Allowing the ash pan to become too full can cause the grate to warp. Coal produces much more ash than wood does, so be sure to check the ash pan more often when burning coal. 


Do not throw heavy / wet logs into the firebox This could crack the firebricks. 


Shut the furnace down gradually  Failing to gradually cool down the furnace can place excessive stress on the steel. 


Should you require replacement parts for your Jensen 24, Stove Parts for Less has a wide selection that is reasonably priced. Our staff is here to help, so contact us via chat or phone if you have any questions about the right parts for your Jensen 24.